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A Golf Novel Set in St. Andrews, Scotland

“BOGIE: Golf as it Was” is a golf novel about a father-and-son team that sets sail for St. Andrews, Scotland, hoping to make money "carrying sticks"--formerly known as caddying. Author Charles Hellman describes the relationship between the father and his son, as well as touching on the history of golf and uncovering golf legends while also discovering old ghost haunts full of spirits and little people.

Take a journey back in time and experience the moment where the sport of golf was still in its infancy. In “BOGIE: Golf as it Was,” you will follow the lives of Mulligan and Bogie, a father-son pair who will reconnect their estranged relationship in one of the most unlikely of ways.

During the novel, you will discover that the life of a caddy in early Industrial Scotland was its own adventure. Golf in St. Andrews, Scotland, was a different experience then, as the sport wasn’t simply decided by the contours of the terrain, wind, and player skill--but also by ghosts!

Bogie: Golf as it was

Ghosts and Golf - About BOGIE

“BOGIE: Golf as it Was” is a lighthearted historical novel with a supernatural twist. Just as how contemporary sports have their own legends and anecdotes, there is a fair share of golf superstitions and myths. As the story progresses, you will learn about the characters Mulligan and Bogie while also discovering the mysteries that make golf such an interesting pastime. A rousing adventure for the golf enthusiast, “BOGIE: Golf as it Was” will captivate audiences with its playful story and explorations of a sport with humble--and often fantastic--origins.

“BOGIE: Golf as it Was” is as much a story as it is an exploration. In this novel, you will read about how the sport was played in its early days. In addition, you will discover how the influence of ghosts and superstitions may have affected how people play the sport--and may even have you thinking about how athletes and enthusiasts incorporate these legends in their own routines today.

About Charles Hellman

Charles “Chuck” Hellman is the author of “BOGIE: Golf as it Was.” As an avid golfer and golf historian, Charles had a great interest in the legends and superstitions surrounding the sport. Indeed, golf can trace it lineage back to a variety of games played during the time of the ancient Romans and Chinese kingdoms!

Inspired by the colorful history of one of his favorite activities, Charles wrote his golf novel as a way to provide keen insights into the sport’s many mysteries, customs, and traditions. Charles pulls from his longtime experience as a golfer, as well as his own fascination with the sport’s lengthy past.

Charles is a traveling lecturer and speaker who talks about a variety of golf history topics. His active presentation style, sharp wit, and extensive knowledge of the sport combine to create programs that participants will not soon forget.

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