BOGIE, Golf as it Was – A History of Golf Novel

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A Fascinating Novel for Golf Enthusiasts!


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BOGIE Golf as it a two-fold story.

One about golf, the other about ghosts, spirits, and…things. Step back into the mid-18th Century and take a whimsical romp through golf’s unrecorded early years in St. Andrews, Scotland.

An unlikely father-son relationship is formed between a pirate and an orphan boy. The irony is… the buccaneer adopts his own son. As they learn to play golf and caddie, they discover the kindred spirits of the old caddies and golfers who haunt the Links of St. Andrews.

Find out what curse these kindred souls placed on golfers. Get a hold of a book that adds its own take on the much-debated history of golf. The author amplifies the discussion by insinuating that the birthplace of the sport is not, in fact, Scotland, but somewhere else

Read about golf’s superstitions, secrets, traditions, and untold stories of yesteryear. The author, Charles Hellman, weaves a marvelous tapestry of fact and fiction that offers you unbelievable, but credible answers to golf's anonymity. The history of golf has never been this fun!

Thoughtfully conceived, BOGIE is a fun novel for golfing enthusiasts everywhere.