BOGIE, Golf as it Was – A History of Golf Novel

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The History of Golf Novel That Everybody Loves

Readers of all ages have fallen in love with this fun golf story penned by golf historian Charles Hellmen. See what some people have to say about this retelling of golf history in St. Andrews, Scotland.

"I am certainly pleased to add BOGIE to my extensive golf library."
- Arnold Palmer, Golf Legend

"BOGIE - is a brilliant and whimsical recollection of golf's early years at St. Andrews' Old Course."
- Ben Crenshaw, Hall of Fame, PGA Player, & Golf Historian

"Finally someone has taken the time to properly research and write about the lives of ancient golfers and caddies.
A must read for anyone who loves the game of golf. The words and illustrations complement each other."
- Mike Ellis, PGA, Nick Faldo Golf Institute

"Few sports have fuzzier histories than early golf. BOGIE explains many missing links that have been forgotten."
- Edward Montgomery, PGA & President of Montech Golf™

"In a most entertaining way, Charles weaves a marvelous tapestry of fact and fiction that offers the reader credible answers
to some of golf's most lingering questions. The characters he creates are imaginary, but believable and
very colorful. Combine that with historically accurate accounts of the lifestyles of the era, the links, the golfers, the caddies, clubs
and balls, and how the game was once played, and you've got a story anybody with any level of interest in golf
would enjoy reading and talking about for years to come. Charming story...controversial...a treasure!"
- Bruce Page, TV News Reporter